All the monies collected are used for our scholarships.

Dorothy M. Dewing

updated 12/27/2016

This Grand Chapter may grant scholarships to worthy students who are members, children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren of members of the Order of Eastern Star, and who are enrolled at an accredited college or university located in the State of Oregon.

The amount of such scholarship to any student shall be determined by the Dorothy M. Dewing Scholarship Endowment Committee, and shall be used during the Senior year.

Awards are to be made in the form of a certificate presented to the student. A check, in the amount of the award, will be sent to the college or university in which the student is enrolled; the money to be used for books, tuition, board and room, clothing or medical aid.

2016 - 2017 Dorthy M. Dewing Application

Leslie S. Parker

Updated 12/27/2016

Scholarships are available to female students for expenses in accredited non-sectarian colleges and universities in the State of Oregon. Applicant must be an Oregon resident.

Scholarships are awarded to worthy students who have completed at least two years of satisfactory college work. Students enrolled in Graduate Programs of Study are strongly encouraged to apply as well.

Rules for Leslie S. Parker Scholarship awards 2016-17

Letter to Officers and Members 2016-17

Recommendation letter 2016-17


(Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership)

updated 12/27/2016

This fund is for the purpose of giving assistance to young men and women who desire to enter fields of religious service namely, ministers, missionaries, directors of church music, directors of religious education and directors of youth leadership.

The standing committee shall be the governing board; shall rule on all applications and shall authorize all disbursements. As nearly as possible or practical, all funds received each year shall be disbursed to applicants.

Awards are to be variable in amounts as determined by the standing committee, and will be on the basis of funds available, number of applicants, and needs of individuals. Awards are to be made for one year, subject to renewal on basis of total record. Applicants need not be of Masonic or Eastern Star affiliation.

Awards are to be made in the form of a certificate presented to the student. The student is free to select the accredited school of his or her choice. A check in the amount of the award will be sent to the school, the money to be used for books, tuition, board and room, clothing, or medical aid.

Anyone who is not morally suitable for membership in the Order of the Eastern Star or anyone currently under supervision of the judicial system is not eligible to receive financial benefits of an ESTARL Scholarship from the Grand Chapter of Oregon.

ESTARL 2016-17 Application Form

ESTARL 2016-17 Letter of Recommendation

ESTARL 2016-17 Rules of ESTARL Awards

ESTARL 2016-17 Sponsoring Order of OES

ESTARL Financial Statement


In 2014, we gave:


2 Scholarships for $5000 each;

1 for $1500; and

2 for $500 each

Dorothy Dewing: 

2  Scholarships at $1500

Leslie S. Parker:

5 for $1140 each

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